NOW magazine '03

Is I Am Spoonbender a side project?

definitely not. never has been (not quite sure where you got this idea). it's a full time job- between 'research', writing, recording the music in our studio, mail, websites, unique merchandise, the live show, lights, clothes, this....

Are you on a label? Any new music coming out?

we're currently looking for a label to put out our next full length dvd album 'HIDDEN PERSUADERS'. full visuals for every song, done in many different film techniques. among many things, HIDDEN PERSUADERS explores and utilizes 'subliminal' techniques used in advertising, as well 'hiding things in front of you'. individual/mass mind manipulation for profit motive is insidious and everywhere. we examine some of it's results, starting with ourselves .

Why were you doing the matching uniforms thing back in the mid1990s? Everyone else was still doing grunge and industrial.

it could be as easy as saying 'you answered your own question', but that could make IAS appear reactionary to trends, etc. we're aware of what's going on around us, but we're more concerned with IAS being its own complete environment. the uniforms, for example, show an allegiance to a single idea- the 'IAS idea'. paradoxically, wearing uniforms is a way of highlighting the differences between all of us- our eye color, hair, voices, etc. the things that actually make us unique as people.

In past interviews you talked about mysterious connections band members had with each other, like everyone thinking about the same thing at the same time (like the heath bar example). Any new unexplained phenomenon like that?

this stuff is a constant in our lives- maybe in a lot of peoples lives, but they just don't notice the connections. we do, and it can be overwhelming, but mostly it's just fun- it shows that we are people who are alike in deep ways. i'm wary of giving examples in interviews because it's hard to directly capture the feeling and timing of some of these things. anyone who is around us for very long could tell you more, objectively. i also don't think it's unexplained, but that's a longer subject.

How can music change people¹s perceptions of reality?

good music alters perceptions of time very well. altering time is probably the most obvious way to notice a 'shift' . examples of this are found worldwide, in all cultures.

What¹s so beautiful about a fork?

its omnipresence has made it invisible, quite like telephones, for example. they are so completely successful in their role that you only notice them when they are gone or not working. they are magical objects that hide in front of us, pushing society forward. they are simple and functional. i think society is actually held back by notions of 'progress'- instead of focusing on what's right in front of us, of seeing - we're constantly looking to what's next, as if what will makes us better, happier, perfect, is right around the corner. it's not. we have what we need to exist. right here. in front of us. we try to see everything as children. or as we like to say: as it really is.

Any Uri Geller demonstrations of telekinesis on stage?

no. is that stuff real? or does it just look real? so, i guess i mean yes.